neuro rehabilitation, musculoskeletal

Welcome to Springlife Physiotherapy

Springlife Physiotherapy was birth out of a passion and desire to see people whose lifestyle have been hindered as a result of injury, neurological or a chronic medical condition regain physical and mental wellbeing that will enable them return to an independent and viable lifestyle within their local communities.

At Springlife Physiotherapy we are committed to providing high standards of care for our clients. We are particularly focused on utilising an evidence based therapeutic approach.

Our mission is to:

Empower all our clients to participate in their rehabilitation process and to inspire them to engage in an active lifestyle in an environment that promotes wellness (mental and physical soundness). dumpbell

Some of the Neuro Conditions we treat includes:

• Stroke
• Multiple sclerosis
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Motor Neurone Disease
• Gullian Barre Syndrome
• Polyneuropathies
• Head Injuries
• Spinal cord Injuries
• Muscular Dystrophy

We also treat Musculoskeletal Conditions such as:

• Back and neck pain
• Sciatica
• Neck related headaches
• Sprains and strains
• Sports injuries
• Arthritis
• Joint pain
• Whiplash injuries
• Post-surgical rehabilitation