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Neuro Rehabilitation

manual therapy

Following a detailed assessment, your Physiotherapist will discuss all findings with you. It is important that your needs are fully catered for, hence your Physiotherapist will require you to consider specific goals or task that you hope to achieve by the end of your treatment sessions. Treatment options will vary depending on your clinical presentation but may include some of the following:

Manual Therapy - This is 'hands-on' application of manual force to the body in order to improve mobility in joints, connective tissues or in muscles.

Intensive therapy following Botox- Due to the nature of their condition some people experience severe spasticity and require Botox. We offer intensive physiotherapy to stretch and strengthen weak muscles that would otherwise have been rendered ineffective due to spasticity. These sessions allow this client group to maximize the effect of Botox.

spine Domiciliary Visit - We are able to offer domiciliary visit as part of a treatment regime. This service is also available to those who suffer from moderate-to-severe spasticity but live alone and are not able to carry out regular stretches that is required to enable them maintain function.

Functional Electrical Stimulation - This treatment option can be used for people with spastic or dropped foot to improve their walking. Our FES trained Physiotherapist will assess you to find out if this treatment is appropriate for you.

Splinting & Orthosis - This is an adjunct to therapy commonly applied to affected limbs and may be utilised as part of rehabilitation in clients who require it.